Meet the Team – Jo Brookman Lloyd

In the first ‘Meet the Team’ of 2023 we talk to Jo Brookman Lloyd, who has a very unusual ‘fun fact’…

What’s a day in the life of a Community Connector (East Pembrokeshire) like?
I take referrals from the Community Hub, GP Surgeries, Social Services, and other agencies for people who are socially isolated, or who need support to improve their lives and maintain independence. I will ring these referrals or visit them at home and have a ‘What Matters Conversation’ with them to discover how I can really help them. I often sign post them to activities in their local communities, or refer them for help from support organisations: E.g. Citizens Advice, Social Services for a Care Assessment, PCISS for Carer support or one the befriending agencies such as RVS or Age Cymru Dyfed.

I also attend community activities to find out more about them and have set up groups that community members can join such as Wellbeing Walks, Get Togethers & an online Craft Group. My job can be quite emotionally stressful but also very rewarding when I see people enjoying a walk or meeting new people.

Favourite place in Pembrokeshire to visit?
There are so many! I love Barafundle but also like climbing Carn Ingli.

Is there a community group or organisation in Pembrokeshire that you’re excited about right now?
Again, so many great projects! How about the Tenby Project, or Dezza’s Cabin as they are very grass roots and try to help everyone.

Do you have any hobbies or interests?
Arts & Crafts, Nature Conservation, reading, and listening to classical music. I am also learning Spanish & Welsh using Duolingo.

Best thing about your job?
Meeting people and putting a smile on their faces.

Fun fact about you?
My Dad was a Rostrum Cameraman and once worked with Terry Gilliam in the early days of Monty Python. He asked Terry to sign a piece of animation they had worked on. This was a drawing of the famous Foot in the title sequence. It was then kept under my bed for over 40 years until Monty Python’s comeback appearances in 2014. My Dad then sold it an auction for £14,000! Not bad for a tatty piece of tracing paper!

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