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Pembrokeshire Community Hub began life as a Covid response within the Local Authority.

Staffed by people who would otherwise have been furloughed, the Hub began to take calls from community members who needed some support as they, or their family, shielded in the initial lockdown. As 2020 went on and further ‘fire-break’ lockdowns were announced, so the Hub continued to support Pembrokeshire residents. Across the period, Pembrokeshire Community Hub took just shy of 10,000 calls from people needing food, prescriptions or other support. Of those, just under 60% had additional support requirements, other than the reason for their initial call and the existence of the Hub allowed these to be explored and, in many cases, mitigated. 

As Covid began to ease, thoughts turned to how the support system that the Hub had become could be maintained. Officers from across agencies got together and began to formulate a plan to develop the Hub from a crisis intervention tool to a preventative system that could meet the immediate, initial needs of people without a requirement to access statutory services. As the plan evolved, the Hub would become the ‘front door’ into the Community Connector service (already managed by PAVS) to create a holistic community response for Pembrokeshire.

Throughout late 2021 and early into 2022, the Hub was developed by the Manager Lee Hind, with recruitment into the roles of Hub Officer, Mhairi Wass, Digital Communications Officer Tim Barrett and Engagement Manager Damian Golden, with the Engagement Manager recruited by Volunteering Matters and the other roles recruited by PAVS. The Hub established its telephony systems, researched options around the CRM and developed referral pathways and partnerships with support agencies which would enable seamless work with those who required support. 

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The Hub launched on 6th June with an event at Scolton Manor. 36 agencies manned stands and stalls and 140 attendees came to find out more about the Hub and its approach to supporting Pembrokeshire residents and visitors. To find out more about the Community Hub, click the link below!

Pembrokeshire Community Hub has placed itself as the starting point for community services for anyone – if you’re a resident and would like to know what community services are available; if you’re a visitor to the County or have family here and would like to know what support exists or, if you are a professional who wants to enhance their clients experience with community services – the journey starts with accessing the Community Hub. We have worked to make the options accessible – so it is not just finding the activity, but also sourcing the transport; it is not just providing one option, it is providing a menu of choices and allowing people to make their own decisions.

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As time goes on, so the Hub will develop and enhance the delivery of community services as well as supporting and working alongside Pembrokeshire’s 3rd Sector and, the statutory partners who have supported the development of this service. 

The Hub can be reached by telephoning 01437 723660, by emailing or by messaging us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram – search @PembsHub; we look forward to speaking with you.

Privacy Notices

How to contact us

See our list of staff contact details and make direct contact with the person you need.

Alternatively our office phone line is open between 10am and 2pm each day on 01437 769422

Our generic email is

Registered Office: 36/38 High Street
Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire SA61 2DA

Office Hours

Our staff are now working in a hybrid way which means they may not be in the office, but working from other venues or home working. Due to changes in the way we now work, we are not holding meetings or running training events in person from our premises. However, if you wish to meet with a member of staff then please email them directly or call their business mobile number. The staff contact list is kept up to date with the most recent information.

If you do need to call at our premises, we have an intercom system at our front entrance, so just ring the bell and wait to be answered by one of the team. From 9.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Thursday and 9.00am to 4.30pm on a Friday (except on Bank Holidays) there will be someone there who is able to answer you. If you are just delivering mail, then please use the letter box on the front door.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

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