From Donations to Discoveries: Unveiling the Collectibles at Pembrokeshire FRAME

Welcome to a behind-the-scenes glimpse of how treasures find new homes and make a lasting impact here at Pembrokeshire FRAME. Our journey begins when generous donations from our community arrive at our doors, ready to embark on a transformative adventure.

The Gift of Generosity:

It all starts with the kindness of our community members who choose to part with cherished belongings, creating space for new memories while supporting our mission. These donations come in all shapes and sizes, from vintage treasures to everyday items with hidden potential.

The Sorting Stage:

Once a donation arrives, it’s time for our dedicated team to roll up their sleeves and dive into the sorting process. Every item is carefully inspected and sorted into different categories. While some may be destined for our shop shelves, others are set aside for a different journey – one that takes them to a broader audience through online platforms like eBay.

Unearthing Hidden Gems:

One of the most exciting parts of our work is discovering hidden treasures within the donations. Our team of staff and volunteers researches and evaluates these items, unearthing their histories and potential values. It’s like a treasure hunt every day, with the thrill of finding that one-of-a-kind piece that could change lives.

Elevating Collectibles on eBay:

For some collectibles with a broader appeal, we extend their reach beyond our shop’s walls. These select items are carefully photographed and listed on eBay, where collectors and enthusiasts from around the world can discover and appreciate their beauty. The proceeds from these online sales directly support our charitable work, making a difference in the lives of those we serve. We welcome items being collected locally to save on postage costs!

Join the Journey:

We invite you to join us on this remarkable journey of giving, discovery, and transformation. Whether you’re a donor, a shopper, or an online collector, your involvement is what makes our mission possible. With each donation, purchase, and bid, you’re contributing to the betterment of our community and the preservation of treasured items.

Why Shop at Pembrokeshire FRAME’s eBay Store?

  1. Curated Selection: Our eBay store features a curated selection of items that have caught the eye of our expert team. You’ll find a wide range of collectibles, from vintage toys to rare vinyl records, each with its own story to tell.
  2. Global Reach: By shopping with us on eBay, you’re not only adding to your collection but also supporting our charitable mission. Your purchases help us create opportunities for individuals with disabilities and learning difficulties right here in Pembrokeshire.
  3. Secure Transactions: eBay provides a secure and trusted platform for your shopping experience. Rest assured that your purchases are backed by eBay’s buyer protection policies.

How to Find Us on eBay:

  1. Visit Our eBay Store:
  2. Browse and Bid: Explore our listings, place your bids, and watch your favorite items.
  3. Support Our Cause: Every purchase you make contributes to our efforts in transforming lives and fostering community resilience.
  4. Favourite: Add us as a favourite seller to keep an eye on new items!

Stay tuned for more stories, more treasures, and more ways to be a part of the Pembrokeshire FRAME family. The journey is just beginning, and we’re excited to have you with us.

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