Posted time 4 September 2023 Job type Volunteer


The Board of Cymru Older People’s Alliance (COPA) have decided that they should hold a competitive recruitment exercise to fill the role of Honorary Secretary. This is a vital role as to forge a more coherent and impactful voice at the national level in Wales for older people’s fora and groups in every local authority area.

Role Description

The position of Honorary Secretary is a voluntary one. It is not remunerated but travel and other expenses are reimbursed. It is a post conferred by the Trustees of COPA in recognition of the commitment to the values and purpose of COPA of an individual who has the necessary skills and expertise to help facilitate COPA to achieve its charitable purposes and vision. The Honorary Secretary reports to the Chair of the Board. It is not their role to make policy but rather to support the Board to translate agreed policy objectives into practical and effective action. In achieving this the Honorary Secretary will undertake a number of roles. This is not an exclusive list but includes:

  1. Providing relevant policy advice and guidance, working with the Policy Subgroup, drafting Position Papers and co-ordinating responses to consultations.
  2. Liaising with the Charity Commission, including overseeing the preparation of the Annual Report and liaising with the Treasurer on presenting the Annual Accounts and updating the Charities public on-line record
  3. Supporting the Chair in the preparation of Board agendas and papers as required, liaising with the Age Cymru Secretariate about arrangements for meetings and enhancing external communications including the web site
  4. Supporting the development and delivery of the Annual Business Plan
  5. Supporting the Treasurer in developing and managing the annual expenditure plan including developing COPAs approach to bidding for new sources of funding
  6. Supporting the planning and delivery of the arrangements for the annual conference and AGM
  7. To advise the Board on their Constitutional and Legal responsibilities and support any work to change or update the Constitution.
  8. To be in attendance and provide support at Board and other relevant meetings such as Policy subgroup and Communications subgroup as a non-voting participant.
  9. To prepare and plan recruitment programmes for Trustees. To be the returning officer for the election of Trustees (where necessary) ensuring proper records are kept in accordance with the regulations laid down in the constitution.
  10. To support the training and development of trustees to fulfil their roles effectively. Implement Policy on Induction for Trustees with tailored training for new Trustees. Keeping Trustees knowledge up to date on issues impacting older people’s lives through reports, research etc

Skills and Experience

The individual that we are seeking to recruit for this post will ideally have:

  • A good knowledge and understanding and experience of policy and/or services for older people in Wales.
  • Skills and experience of supporting a Board, committee, or group to operate effectively.
  • Excellent communication skills both orally and in writing and have good IT skills.

COPA have evolved over the last few years through a process of strategic review that has led to a new Marketing and Communications Strategy, a new bilingual website and changes to the Board structure and responsibilities. The next stage will be to implement this new direction including securing new funding sources’, increase our capacity, extend our partnership with 50 plus Forums, and continue to ensure we meet the high standards established for the governance of our charity.

This renewed and revised post provides the opportunity to work at the heart of a small charity and play a leading role in how it is administered and managed to the benefit of older people in Wales. A team approach with the Chair and Vice Chair and Treasurer will be vital.

Candidates who wish to be considered should submit a Personal Statement and CV including all contact details to Steve Milsom, Chair of COPA by 23.00 on 16 November 2023. Interviews will be held in early January 2024. A final decision on appointment will be made at the Board’s meeting in early February. We are keen to attract individuals who would improve the diversity of our Charity. You do not need to be an older person to apply.

Please do contact us if you wish to have an informal discussion about the role or COPA more generally or if you have any other questions to help you decide whether to apply.  Please contact Steve Milsom on or 07966312672. Further information about COPA is on our website